"Mike Samuels made me do it!"

The Weird Secret To FORCE a Hippie To Give You Something Valuable For FREE Every Week

Absolutely ZERO effort required from your end

Not another mailing list?! 


Well, yes. 

But also, no. 


The difference is this one isn’t being run by some flashy marketing “gooroo” with a plastic smile plastered on their face. 


You know the type. 


Promises to teach you all their hacks and secrets. 

If you simply hand over your credit card to them. 


Only for you to then discover that their “Ultimate Platinum Abundance Marketing Blueprint” isn’t quite what it’s hyped up to be. 


You may also find that their tactics leave you feeling a bit dirty. 


Because their way is not how YOU want to be marketing your business. 


So what do you want? 


You crave authenticity. 


You want your marketing to feel just as authentic – just as you – as the help and the service you provide. 


But then again… 


You also need to make a living. 


And the good news is… 


You can have it both ways! 


Because one doesn’t exclude the other. 


Quite on the contrary. 


If you succeed in putting some of your personality into your marketing… 


(without worrying too much about what others might think) 


The right kind of people will love you for it. 


Which brings you a big step closer to getting those people to pay you for your service, your course, your programme… or whatever it is you’re selling. 


Personality –> Love –> Money 



If you were looking for a “blueprint”, that’s it. 


And it’s exactly what my newsletter is about. 


How to promote yourself as a real, flesh-and-blood professional. 


Without feeling sleazy. 


And without that soul-destroying pain of “Oh my God, I have to sell but I don’t want people to think I sound like a used car salesman and I don’t know what to say anyway so please make it stop already because I’m dying inside!” 


Relax. It doesn’t have to be like that. 


Sell your shit, not your soul!


That’s my motto in business. 

It’s why I call myself The Copy Hippie. 


For my copywriting clients, I write words that ring true. 

Words that do justice to their values… 


… while selling their cool stuff to their audience. 


And I want to show you how YOU can do that too – for your own awesome shit. 


In my brand spanking new newsletter. 


It’s so new in fact, I haven’t even got a freebie yet to bribe tempt you into giving me your email address.


So here’s what we’ll do instead.


If you sign up to my free newsletter, I’ll feel morally obliged to send you an email every week containing something valuable.


Something useful that’ll help you promote yourself… without wanting to stick your fingers down your throat


Because that’s just the kind of hippie I am. 


Always willing and able to show awesome entrepreneurs better ways to spread the good word about their business… 


But also too lazy laid back to do that sort of thing without a bit of gentle pressure. 


So go ahead. 


Sign up and FORCE the hippie to deliver some proper value to your inbox every week.

*: Hey, I resent that ‘unwashed’ remark! 

I may be a hippie, but I do care about personal hygiene, okay?

PS: Copywriter extraordinaire Mike Samuels is to blame for all this by the way. 


You see, I didn’t really want to have my own newsletter. 


I mean, more work?! 

I’ve got chocolate biscuits to eat, you know! 


But then Mike sent an email to his list that served as a good reminder why a newsletter is a bloody useful thing to have. 


(More on that later… in my newsletter – see what I did there?) 


And when Mike asked to interview me for The Coffeeshop Frontline, his awesome print newsletter… 


Well, that clinched it. 


I simply had to launch my own email newsletter then, didn’t I? 


So thanks, Mike. 


Thanks for giving me more stuff to do. 

Bart – The Copy Hippie